A new AI-backed sociotechnical moderation system for Reddit

making the internet safer and more welcoming
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Chandrasekharan, Gandhi, Mustelier & Gilbert, 2019. Proc. ACM Hum.-Comput. Interact., CSCW

What is Crossmod?

Crossmod is a new comment moderation bot for Reddit that uses machine learning to assist moderators. Crossmod is trained on a large amount of past moderation decisions from 100 popular subreddits. By combining AI predictions with human oversight, Crossmod determines content that is unacceptable within Reddit communities.

<Crossmod in Action>

  • Created to Improve the Current State of Moderation

    Crossmod is built to extend the capabilities of moderators, while also fitting into their existing workflows. It aims to extend existing social and automated approaches to moderation on Reddit. Crossmod can detect a wider range of undesirable content which is currently undetected by existing automated tools.

  • Infinite Customization

    Crossmod can be configured using an intuitive If This Then That (IFTTT) format where moderators just create chains of simple conditional statements to trigger moderation actions. Crossmod does this by providing moderators with a rich set of options, which they can use to customize the system to meet their subreddit-specific needs.

  • Experiments Involving Crossmod

    Crossmod is currently active on the r/Futurology subreddit, listening in on comments, looking for norm violations and reporting them to moderators upon detection.

  • A Time-Saver for Moderators

    When Crossmod is added to a new subreddit, it begins to scan comments and evaluates removal consensus among an ensemble of pre-trained classifiers. Removal consensus is computed as the proportion of subreddits that would remove the comment. Moderators will be able to set subreddit-specific score thresholds in order to triage and prioritize comments for manual review.